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The Christian Illusions of Joey and Company

 How It All Began

By: Vicky Powell


                      Joey and I met on May 03, 1999 in (of all things) a Christian chat room on the internet. I was living in Upstate NY (about 20 miles from Lake Placid NY) and he was in Freeman Virginia.  

When he first instant messaged me, I was going to just ignore him and get off line, but I felt as if God was telling me to respond, so I instant messaged him back , that was the start of our relationship.

Over the next few weeks we talked on line almost every night, then one night he asked if he could call me, I said yes ,and then we began calling each other and talking  for hours.

At the end of June 1999 we met for the first time in person.

Thus started a long distance relationship.

Over the next few months Joey would fly up NY to visit me and I would fly down to Virginia to visit him.

Then on  December 26 1999 he asked me to marry him , and we were married on May 19 2001. 



               After a one week Honey Moon in Florida at Walt Disney World, We returned to Virginia to begin our lives as a married couple.

                                 Joey and I were always fascinated with Magicians, Doug Henning, David Copperfield, and Siegfried and Roy being our favorites.

We felt that God was calling us into the Ministry but never thought that he would ever call us into a Christian Illusion Ministry.

But on one afternoon in October of 2001, we were invited to attend a Christian pre game show at the University of Richmond. Included in the show was a Christian Magician.

During the show I leaned over to Joey and said” you know we could do that. “Joey didn’t say much at that point, so I didn’t push it. 

For Christmas I bought him a few Illusions to practice with, I felt as if the anointing of God was on each Illusion we tried, because we just seemed to be able to do the Illusions with hardly any practice. But still we were concerned with what people would think  .

We knew that this type of ministry was new and not many people were doing it, we also knew that we would come upon some opposition, with people not understanding what we were doing.  So we began praying in earnest, asking God to open the way if this was what were to do.


Then on February of 2002, Joey seemed very deep in thought at dinner, when I asked him if any thing was wrong he said that God had told him to begin the Illusion Minestry .  We were both very nervous at the thought of  breaaking this new ground ( so to speak )  But we felt  God guiding each step we made . For the next five months we worked on a small program , enlisting the help of our pastors wife Emily Jones, 


 and on August 4th 2002 The Christian Illusions of Joey and Company presented our first program to our home church of Reedy Creek Baptist Church .          

                     Over the past three years God has blessed our Ministry as well as increasing our talent. In 2005 Emily resigned to carry on with her own Ministries God had called her to, but God blessed us once again with a new assistant Connie Brown.



In August of 2006 Connie unexpectedly left the ministry to follow other interests. But once again God came through in by providing us with a new assistant, (Linda Cook) in October.


Joey has always had the dream of having three assistants ,and in September 2010, while doing a show for a local youth group,God brought that dream to reality by providing not just one, but two more assistants Rebecca ( standing next to Joey)  and Samantha ( In front of Rebecca).


  As of this date and time March 10,2012 The Christian Illusions of Joey and Company have performed 101 programs in churches, children homes and retirement homes. As always we give out  Free Bibles at the end of our shows, and at this date and time more than 1,500 Bibles have been given. Our shows are always done Free of Charge trusting God to take care of our financial needs.

                      We look forward to the future and what God has for our Ministry . And ask for your continued  prayers .


                        If you are interested in having us come present our program for you ,

you may contact us at joeyandcompany@zoomshare.com


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