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The Christian Illusions of Joey and Company
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Sat, 27 Apr 2013
So much has happened

Wow , so much has happened since the last time I posted. I am going to stop promising to do better with the updates because I never do LOL. Any way the first big thing that has happened is that Rebbecca, one of our assistants got married ! ( check out her wedding picture in the photo section) The next thing we found out was that Faith is not a Female! Hes a Male ! Here is the LONG story how we found out. As you know We had Feather and Faith for a long time , when they were little we had blood tests done and got certificates saying Feather was a Male and Faith was a Female. After Feather passed away we got our new baby Spirit. We have had her for about two years, and last month she laid two eggs! The lady we got her from said to just let her sit on the eggs until she abandons them because they would not hatch without a male to fertilize them. Well last Monday to our surprise Both Eggs Hatched. For five years I have said Faith acted like a Male but I had the certificate saying Faith was a female! Wow ! What a surprise! We are happy to report both parents and babies are doing wonderfully well and we will post photos as the babies grow. We are going to name one miracle and the other one Blessing. ( Check out the photos of our little ones in the Photo Section) Other good news is the Polly Cystic Kidney Disease Joey was diagnosed with a couple years ago is not progressing as fast as they thought it would ( due to all the prayers , praise God ) and they have pushed back his need for a kidney transplant from 10-15 years to now 15-30 years. Our prayer is that God will heal him so he will be able to live out his life without having to have a transplant all.Please continue to pray with us for his healing. Well I guess I better stop writing before I write a novel LOL. God Blessings to all of you ! Vicky Powell
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