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The Christian Illusions of Joey and Company
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Sun, 14 Aug 2011
Please pray for us and our health.

Hi all , just wanted to give a quick update about what is going on since the last update.Joey has been diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, this means cysts are growing all over his kidneys. They are not cancerous and the Dr. said that he will not die from it, He just needs to be really careful about bumping his back hard or going on turbulent rides at amusement parks. With this condition his kidneys are about 5 times the weight they should be , because the cysts are full of fluid and can burst witch causes pain. Please pray that God will heal Joey from this condition and restore him to health. I went to the eye Dr. last month and they discovered my eye pressure was up and are now watching me for possible glaucoma. I am not showing any symptoms other that the elevated eye pressure but they want to keep watch on it just in case. So please pray for healing for my eves as well. Today we are off to a nursing home to do a show for them. Please pray for safe traveling as it is raining rather hard. Last month we did a show during a lightning and thunder storm at a nursing home and all the lights went out. We waited till the emergency power kicked on and finished our show : ) When we left it had stopped raining and the sun was out! God is good : ) Take care and God Bless ! Vicky
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